Special Projects


This Loader Separator Unit is for Splitting/Separating Large Front End Loaders for all types of makes and brands used on Mine sites around Australia. We designed and built two of these units for Rio Tinto to aid in safely separating Loaders for maintenance to eliminate the need to use two cranes while pulling apart which can be unstable when doing so. This Hydraulic powered device is both simple and easy to operate and comes complete with its own portable power pack. This is the latest LSU frame we have built for Rio Tinto over the last two years. Included in this LSU design is a support frame/cradle that can be used to forklift around the mine site to eliminate onsite cranes for locating the frame into position. If you are interested in obtaining one of these Splitting frames or perhaps needing special equipment like this we would be happy to accommodate your requirements and can offer all in house Design Engineering, Drawings and Fabrication to all the Australian Standards and specifications.